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 I am Shishir Kumar Verma , Associate Professor in Zoology, L N Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar, India.


I was born on September 27,1955 at about 7am . My mother felt  while she was preparing for the annual worship of the Divine Mother Durga. It was tha first day of the ten day festival traditionally named " KALASH-STHAPANA".My father, Sri Shiva Nath Verma named me Munul , My elder brother, Munna,was happy to have a playmate. My grand parents, Babu Damodar Prasad and Chandrakanta were too glad to have two grandsons . Our family at Darbhanga in mohalla Mishratola has migrated from an adjacent district, Muzaffarpur. The past histry is too obscure. Probably we hold a genesis from some place in UP.

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